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Pray for our Pastor


Thanks For 31+  Blessed Years With Us As Our Pastor !

AMEN & AMEN !!!!




Our First Lady

 Judy Mills






 Hearts of Grace Ladies Ministry

We meet the 2nd Friday of each month @ 11:00am.
Lunch is served
We have a special speaker and singer each month.
All ladies are invited!  




From Pastor Mills  

Billy Graham back in the 1980s said 1. There is no Place too Hard for God to Bless

2. There is no Person too Hard for God to Save

3. There is no Problem too Hard for God to Solve

4. There is no Prayer too Hard for God to Answer.

As the angel asked Abraham and Sarah, "Is there anything too hard to for God?" There are no limits to God's ability, so let there be no limits to our expectation from HIM!

In a day when so much emphasis is placed on the size of a congregation, it is good to be reminded that two or three Christians can meet to sincerely pray and find the Lord present with them! Only Two Or Three" There were only two or three of us, Who came to the place of prayer; Came in the teeth of a blinding storm, But that we did not care. Since after our hymns of praise had risen, And our earnest prayers were said, The Master Himself was present, And gave us the living bread."Each of us felt the load of sin From weary shoulders fall; Each of us dropped the load of care And grief that was like a pall. And over our spirits a blessed calm Swept in from the jasper sea, And strength was ours for the joy and strife In the days that were to be."It was only a handful that gathered Into the little place of prayer; Outside was the struggle, pain and sin, But the Lord Himself was there. He came to redeem the pledge He gave Wherever His loved ones be, To stand Himself in the midst of them Tho they count but two or three.






 Our Associate Pastor Michael Murray And His Fist Lady




Calvary Youth Program


    Ages 3 - Teenage

We are very proud of our youth groups. Our goal is to give our youth a strong foundation and build deep roots of faith that will help them in the years to come, to provide them with the tools and knowledge that they need to face the challenges that lie ahead for today's youths.

We believe that the church, as well as the parents, should strive to prepare and set the best example possible for our youth. We hope that you will remember the youth programs at Calvary in your prayers as we strive to build the church of tomorrow in the youth of today.

All of the youth groups invite you to join them in Learning in the Lord, Living for the Lord and Loving the things of the Lord!

Youth Director

Bro. Michael Murray

Our Wednesday Night Program is the Word of Life.

Reaching Youth with the Gospel of Christ

Gopher Buddies  Ages 3 to 6

Olympians  Grades 1 to 6

Students  Grades 7 to 12

We meet every Wednesday night from 6:30pm 8pm

We look forward to continued growth and success and hope

you will join us for an unforgettable time in the Lord.



It Is Well With My Soul





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Never look down on anybody,

 unless you're helping them up.


Imperfect people worship here ! Come Join Us !                                   Imperfect people worship here ! Come Join Us !                         Imperfect people worship here ! Come Join Us !                            Imperfect people worship here ! Come Join Us !  




GOD BLESS AMERICA !         GOD BLESS AMERICA !          GOD BLESS AMERICA !               GOD BLESS AMERICA !                         GOD BLESS AMERICA !                      GOD BLESS AMERICA !                   




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